AN OPEN LETTER TO PM NARENDRA MODI on how Renault India is SNUBBING Him & the Republic of India

Dear Prime Minister,


I know you’re a busy man with your cup of responsibilities overflowing non-stop.

Yet, I wish to draw your attention how a French company operating in India – Renault India specifically – is pouring cold water on your pet Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Campaign).

Rather it is cocking a snook at you, Sir!

The issue is very simple:
It DOES NOT permit truck drivers to use toilets built for them inside the company’s stockyard at Chittoor/Andhra Pradesh.

On the contrary, Renault India is ORDERING waiting drivers inside the yard to go outside the yard and defecate in the open space or behind bushes on the road linking Chittoor//Andhra Pradesh with Bengaluru/Karnataka.

Why am I approaching you, Sir? you wonder.
Because the French Company is exhibiting a thick shell of indifference and there is mighty inertia. It HAS NOT responded to several emails sent to them in this regard past fortnight. Nor has it changed its attitude or practice to bestow dignity on its own truck drivers.

Forget about this insensitive corporate entity. Even letters to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Mr Chandrababu Naidu in this regard elicited ZERO RESPONSE. Mr Naidu, grandiosely talking about Open Defecation Free Andhra Pradesh! Just talk?

Okay, the Collectors of Chittoor district are no better. There is NOT EVEN an acknowledgement to several mails in this regard from my end.

A telephonic conversation with Chittoor MLA and a subsequent letter to her (Smt Satyaprabha) remains in the silent zone.


Am surprised by the stone deaf silence. Is it out of arrogance? Or something else? I fail to fathom.

Sir, I seek your INDULGENCE in this matter of importance. That’s it.

The only option left for me is a PIL in Andhra Pradesh high court. That I am holding back with the high hope that the Prime Ministerial intervention would stop this indifferent French auto giant operating in India to ‘behave properly’.

What’s asked for is a simple access to toilets. Not its hyped Duster or Kwid cars! Is it too difficult to meet this genuine and basic need of fellow Indians?

That’s all, Sir!

Have a good day!

Ramesh Kumar

2 Responses to An OPEN LETTER to PM Narendra Modi

  • Imagine the facilities which are provided as a basic human right elsewhere has to be brought to the notice of the PM of a country . Mera Desh Mahan ! And the most shocking aspect is the French Company which wouldn’t have ever thought of ill treating the drivers in their own country, the way it is treating the drivers here. However outsourced the drivers might be, does that mean abulation of their responsibilities ? Be humane Renault India.You will be only enhancing your goodwill by providing the basic minimal need to the hapless drivers. Afterall, they are asking you for a dignified way to attend to their nature’s call !

  • Dear Ramesh,

    You are doing good thing – Renault India. The CM of Andhra Pradesh – Shree Chandrababu Naidu as well as the Collector of Chittoor District Smt Satyaprabha (as was evident from her lackadaisical approach to even a direct telephone call) may find this a trivial issue to bother about. But we Indians are not amused. Renault India’s response that “our team shall get back to you shortly” looks like an eyewash. Who are they fooling. You have first written to Renault a fortnight ago (or around that) and their “shortly” promise is hogwash (if I may use the word. If they were to respond positively with ground level action – all they had to do was send an instruction to their Chittoor Stock Yard officials – which takes just a telephone call.

    A sustained campaign against such arrogant companies, who flaunt their Money & Muscle power, must be kept up and we (like minded Indians) will be with you till the very end !!
    Cheers !!!

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