Renault India is stone deaf. This French multinational operating in India through Mr Sumit Sawhney, Managing Director, based out of Chennai, did not bother to respond to mails sent to him directly about this company’s refusal to give toilet access to long haul truck drivers ferrying its vehicles from its plant in Tamilnadu which is transferred to Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh for tax purposes and the delivered to dealers across India.

Since Mr Sawhney is too busy celebrating Renault India’s 5th Year, DRIVERS DUNIYA decided to approach the Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) Smt Satyaprabha Adhikesavulu because this huge stock yard is situated in her constitutency. Smt Satyaprabha is a Telugu Desam Party MLA, the ruling party of Andhra Pradesh, led by Sri  N Chandrababu Naidu.

DRIVERS DUNIYA’s Chief of Bureau (South) based out of Bengaluru Sarada Vishnubhatla called up Smt Satyaprabha’s home/office to get her hear the Renault India goof up whereby this 100% French automobile giant is SNUBBING the Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi who is championing Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Campaign). Simply put, PM is trying to eradicate OPEN DEFECATION across India. But Renault India is asking truck drivers coming into its own stock yard carrying its own vehicles TO GO OUT onto the public roadside and DEFECATE and REFUSE ACCESS to toilets built inside the stockyard.

NOW read the unedited transcript of telephone conversation between DRIVERS DUNIYA Sarada Vishnubhatla and Smt Satyaprabha’s home/office:


Chittoor MLA Smt Satyaprabha Adhikesavulu


After the introduction of DRIVERS DUNIYA ….

Sarada: Am sure you are aware of Renault’s yard in your district, Chittoor.

Smt Satyaprabha Adhikesavulu: Reynolds?

S: Its Renault… Renault Nissan… French multinational that makes these cars. we have come to know an issue regarding them and we wish to bring it to your notice as well, so that you can take some action. This yard that parks Renault cars receives deliveries and sends cars to other places daily in large numbers. The issue is the truck drivers, who bring in cars for delivery or those who take the loads of cars from this yard, are not given access to the toilets inside the yard which were built for their use specifically. This is a serious issue because each loading or unloading takes a few hours, say at least 3-4 hours. So in this scenario for them not able to use such basic amenities also… we thought may be you can help this situation… in fact the editor of Drivers Duniya has written to everyone down the line starting from the Chief Minister but there has been no response till now from anyone. This becomes a major issue primarily also because this is a clear flouting of the Prime Minister’s Swach Bharat Abhiyaan.

SA: Where exactly is this yard?

S: Chittoor.

SA: There are four ‘mandals’ in Chittoor…

S: There is only one big yard of Renault in Chittoor.

SA: Where exactly is this yard? Let my secretary know the details.

Secy: Please tell me.

S: I hope you have heard of Renault Nissan cars.

Secy: Yes.

S: There is only one big yard of Renault in Chittoor. In case you require the exact details of its whereabouts I shall let you know. But we just hope that you are able to give us a solution for this problem.

Secy: What solution do you want?

S: I have already told Madam about it. I shall explain to you again. Daily many trucks come to that yard to deliver Renault cars and also to load them to transport them to other areas. But it so happens that the truck drivers who come there to deliver and take load are not given access to the toilets inside the premises… considering these were built for their use specifically. Apart from this, this nullifies the Swach Bharat Abhyiaan only because they are forced to defecate in the open as they have no access to the toilets.

Secy: Have I understood right that toilets have been built in the yard but these people are not able to use them?

S: Yes. Exactly. So in this regard, we have written to all involved including the chief minister, the district collector and all others. But no one has responded yet. If a person cannot use even the basic facilities…

Secy: What are your details?

S: I rang you yesterday also… I am calling from Drivers Duniya Bangalore Bureau.

Secy: Your name?

S: Sarada

Secy: Please mail us the details. It is Please mail and we will take it forward from there.

S: What all details will you require?

Secy: Details of the issue, what is it that you wish to do and all.

S: Ok.

Secy: But please don’t disturb her.

S: What do you mean by ‘don’t disturb her’? isn’t this an issue which is in an area under her? shouldn’t she come to know about it?

Secy: Just mail it. And think… mailing itself will suffice which can communicate everything…

S: That is fine… mail can be written but how can you say ‘don’t disturb her’… how does that help? Is that the thing to say, you just think. She is there to help people… so

Secy: Please try to understand.

S: What do you want me to understand here?

Secy: she is in a meeting…

S: So? She is working for the people. She has dedicated her life for the people… isn’t that so?

Secy: collector…

S: We have written to even the collector… but no one has helped.. and that’s why we have come to her..

Secy: that is why we are saying…

S: if that is the case then how can you say that she is ‘busy’ to take care of the people…

Secy: you are not understanding the point… the way you are talking is not nice.

S: how can you say she is busy for people… we will mail. Thank you so much.


Secy to D K Adikesavulu

Secy: … D K Adikesavulu is the richest man an industrialist…

S: wow…

Secy: he and his wife… have come from Bangalore with the intention of serving people… they have renounced their big industry, their bungalow, their fortune … they have left everything and come to chittoor to serve people. Your subject is imp and whatever more help you want for truck drivers … definitely she will do… for 100 per cent… she will never refuse.

S: very nice. Am happy to hear that.

Secy: imagine that such a big and richest family… who chose not to be an MP or a minister but as an MLA to this place just to serve people

S: all that is absolutely fine… sounds good.

Secy: Satyaprabha ji has lived like a queen in Bangalore … she left everything and come here to serve people…

S: you know what I feel is that her intentions are absolutely fine but if Prasanna says ‘don’t disturb her’… it doesn’t make sense…. How can he say that? If we cannot even tell her a small issue like this… how can there be any satisfaction of having told her our problem?

Secy: see this issue is new to people …

S: so what? Would you just say ‘don’t disturb her’?

Secy: you are not listening… that is your problem.

S: you are too busy telling me my problems… but you are not answering what can be done… go on tell me I will listen…

Secy: as an editor of a magazine you should be more patient

S: are you going to just teach me my lessons… or will you be talking about the core issue also?

Secy: see…

S: haven’t I listened to you with patience till now? till now I have told you what prasanna has said but not once have you answered me about it. I am asking you with patience only.

Secy: your wish is that these drivers should be helped…

S: this is the third time you are repeating this and I am again telling you … yes this is exactly the issue. I am confirming that yes this is the issue.

Secy: we are not here to help you only in chittoor..

S: but right now the problem is in chittoor…

Secy: where are you based now?

S: I am in delhi…

Secy: where in delhi?

S: I am in Bangalore… I am in Chennai… because we have our bureaus in all these places… magazine gets reported from all over the place

Secy: how do plan to work in chittoor if you are in delhi or Bangalore?

S: you are bringing up issues all over the place… you are not talking about the core issue.

Secy: no… if we say you have to come to chittoor… where will you be?

S: you are not touching the core issue and you are asking me to come some place… talk about the core issue. We will work out the logistics…

Secy: just listen… you need help for the drivers… and if we say that we will and we ask you to come then who will come?

S: someone will represent from our side.

Secy: who will it be?

S: it can be the editor, Chief of bureau or it can be a reporter… or someone from the team … one of us will come.

Secy: who is representing you in chittoor?

S: someone will be there… you seem to want someone there 24×7…

Secy: we are not going to answer just somebody… just like that … you should identify particular person that so and so will come…

S: yes some one will come

Secy: you should identify

S: I cant recruit somebody right at this moment… someone will represent us but will you give us a guarantee that you will solve this problem?

Secy: what is this… you want guarantee for serving people? What is this?

S: then what else? What do you mean by ‘don’t disturb her’ then?

Secy: no you cannot demand like that. You should request humbly.

S: ok fine… what is your answer ultimately?

Secy: you want answer? I want to see what you are doing? If you have any details you should mail.

S: oh yes sure… give  me your address we will send you our earlier issues. And the latest issues. So then you will know what exactly drivers duniya does

Secy: send a mail first.

S: fine but till now you have not told me what is the next step. you have told me so many times that I lack patience but you have repeated the same points with a lot of patience but… till now you have not said what are the possibilities…

Secy: send us a mail with all the details you have…

S: that mr. prasanna has also told me and I told him that I will

Secy: ya send

S: yes… then what next?

Secy: then we will discuss and do what we can

S: mr. prasanna has already told me this… you are repeating the same thing… what is the purpose of this phone call?

Secy: what?

S: mr. prasanna has told me all this before you and I told him that I will mail him

Secy: that’s all… send mail

S: I thought that you will give some direction to this issue… you are repeating what he said… fine

One Response to “She’s Queen. Gave Up everything to serve people in Chittoor!

  • It is very obvious they feel a politician is doing a big favour even to listen to the public leave alone solving.The politician’s ego is much more important than the issue of any magnitude. How long would it have taken to locate the big Company from her own constituency ? Or is it that they want to extract their pound of flesh from the Industry concerned taking advantage of the the burning issue? She is very rich and a Queen ,MLA later.MLA madam please help the hapless highway drivers. Certainly you won’t like Chitoor sidewalks to be dotted with early morning sqatters for their nature’s call. Renault please be sensitive to the issue and do the needful.

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